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How to Use Voicemail

Up to three messages can be stored for three days from the date of deposit. Each message can be up to one minute in length.

  • Choose a Standard Greeting or Personalized Greeting for callers to hear.
  • You must enter your password to access your Voicemail. Your password is the same password used to make changes to your account through the #TALK menu.
  • There is no charge when messages are left in your mailbox. Airtime charges apply for retrieving your messages and changing your greeting.
To Setup and Access Your Voicemail
  1. Dial *97.
  2. Follow the prompts. Enter 1234# when asked for your temporary password.
  3. Follow the prompts to establish your personal password, record your name, and personal greeting.
  4. When you're finished, press * to exit.
Voicemail Menu Map

Use this guide to assist you when accessing your Voicemail. The numbers correspond to the options in your Voicemail.

Review Your Messages (Press 1 in main menu)
Key Function
1 Rewind the message.
3 Fast-forward the message.
4 Replay the message.
5 To get envelope information about the message.
7 Erase the message.
9 Save the message in archive.


Personal Options (Press 2 in main menu)
Key Function
1 Select a standard greeting - a pre-recorded message to inform callers you are unavailable to take a call.
2 Personal greeting options - lets you record and change your personal greeting.


Exit Voicemail (Press 3)
Key Function
* Exit from the Main Menu.


Additional Function Keys
Key Function
* Cancel or exit to the previous menu.
# Complete or skip message.
To Retrieve Messages

When accessing voicemail from your prepaid device airtime charges apply.

To retrieve your messages from your prepaid cell phone:

  1. Press *97.
  2. Then press SND.

To retrieve your messages from your prepaid cell phone while in a province other than Manitoba:

  1. Dial your Prepaid cellular number 1 + 10 digit phone number.
  2. Then press SND.
Receiving Voicemail Notification

All Voicemail subscribers will be notified when they have messages waiting in their mailbox. A message waiting indicator will appear on the handset when in the Bell MTS digital service area (handset dependent). The handset must be digital, and be operating in a digital service area.

Some older cellular phone models do not have a Message Waiting indicator. These phones may need to have a Message Waiting tone, which will notify with a beep that a message has been deposited in the mailbox. In order to add the Message Waiting tone to a handset, call Bell MTS Customer Service at *611 or 204 225-5687.

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