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Using Your Phone While Travelling

What is the “+” Key and how should I use it?

In North America you do not need to use the “+” key.

If you are travelling outside of North America you must use the “+” key to place calls and to send text messages. You will need to dial “+” before the country code and the local number. (Example: + 011 1 204 225 5687)

How do I retrieve Voicemail while travelling outside North America?

While outside of North America you will be placing an international call back to Manitoba to check your voicemail. You will incur roaming and long distance charges to check your voicemail while travelling.

Dial the “+” sign, enter “011”, enter “1”, your area code and your 7-digit number. Press “9” to interrupt your greeting, and when prompted, enter your password.

How do I turn off data while roaming?

For complete instructions, please refer to How do I turn off roaming data.

How do I use data when travelling?

When travelling outside of Canada and data roaming is turned on, you will be presented with options to purchase Data Passes when starting a data session. You will not be able to use data unless you have purchased one of these passes or are using Wi-Fi. You can review our Data Passes on our Travel Plans page.

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