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Wireless Change of Ownership FAQs

What is a Change of Ownership?

Change of ownership is giving your wireless contract to another person that will continue to use the service and accept legal responsibility for paying the bills.

I want to change ownership on my wireless service.

To change ownership on your wireless service to another individual the following requirements must be met;

  1. Up to date account with no outstanding balance.
  2. Must be an active Bell MTS wireless account for at least six months.
  3. Have the new subscriber with you at time of change, or a phone number where they can be reached at that time.

Note that you are responsible for all charges and usage up to the date the change of ownership is accepted and completed under the incoming account holder’s name. If there is a credit deposit for the service, it will continue to be held on the outgoing customer’s account until deposit conditions are met.

Before providing your phone to the incoming account holder, be sure to clear all personal info.

I am accepting wireless service from someone. What are my obligations?

If you are accepting a wireless contract from someone else, you must meet the following requirements;

  1. Be present or able to be contacted to confirm acceptance of the service.
  2. Existing or previous accounts must be in good standing with no outstanding balance.
  3. If you are a new customer, a credit check must be performed, and up to two pieces of accepted identification must be provided.
Is there a charge for change of ownership?

A one-time $35 charge per phone applies for contract change of ownership. This is applied on the first invoice of the new customer.

How will the Wireless Protection Program be impacted?

If the wireless device changing ownership is currently enrolled in the Wireless Protection Program, the incoming customer can continue to subscribe. If you wish to opt out of the service you can do so, however cannot re-enroll later. If this service is not currently subscribed to it cannot be added.

Is a credit check required for incoming customers?

Yes, if you are new to Bell MTS a credit check will be required. You will also need to provide two pieces of approved identification to validate your identity.

Are there other terms and conditions I should know about?

Yes, as the incoming customer, you are subject to the applicable Terms and Conditions. By accepting the change of ownership, you are deemed to have read and accepted them.

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