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Online Wireless Device Pre-order FAQ

How do I pre-order a device?

You can use our free pre-order program during limited availability periods prior to launch for certain wireless devices. Simply navigate to the pre-order form from the banner located at, input the necessary details, and submit. If you prefer to pre-order through an Bell MTS store or our Contact Centre, our reps will assist you in completing your pre-order.

Can I have the device shipped direct to my home?

No, all pre-ordered devices will be shipped to your chosen Bell MTS store location, where one of our reps will help complete your device activation.

Does my pre-order mean I will get my device before everyone else?

No, we cannot guarantee that you will get your device on the day of launch; however our goal is to get it to you as soon as possible. A certain amount of our inventory will be dedicated to pre-orders and will be fulfilled in the order the pre-orders were received. However, inventory will also be shipped to stores for sale to the public. Pre-order participants will be contacted when their device is available for pick-up.

Why did my friend get their device before me?

Pre-orders will be fulfilled in the order in which they were received for each specific product. However, inventory will also be shipped to stores for sale to the public. Individuals may successfully secure an in-store device or purchase a similar model with a different colour/capacity, allowing their pre-order to be fulfilled sooner.

Is there a restriction on the number of pre-orders I can make?

Yes, to ensure fair distribution and availability of product to all customers, there is a restriction of one pre-order device per person. Individuals will require valid identification when picking up their device.

How do I know the cost of the device I'm pre-ordering?

In some instances, the cost of your preferred device may not be known during pre-order. If known, this information will be available at

Why is my preferred model not available for pre-order?
To ensure timely fulfillment of submitted orders, some models may be removed from pre-order availability when demand exceeds expected short-term inventory quantities. Models removed from pre-order availability due to high demand will still have inventory shipped to stores for sale to the public following market launch.
I submitted a pre-order. What happens next?

Your pre-order will be prioritized based on the order in which it was received and fulfilled based on device availability. You will be contacted as soon as your device is available for pick-up.

How long will it be until I receive my device?

At time of launch, there may be a limited quantity of product available. As such, while pre-orders will be fulfilled with every shipment received, timelines for fulfillment cannot be guaranteed. Timelines can be impacted due to additional product availability and/or your own pre-order priority in the queue.

Can I change my pick-up location or device model?

No, existing pre-order submissions cannot have their pick-up location or device model changed. You must submit a new pre-order containing the updated information. Each order will hold a different priority within the queue based on when it was submitted. The original submission may still be fulfilled; you should inform the sales representative if you wish to cancel your initial order upon receiving a phone call.

How long will you hold my pre-order device?

Your order will be held for up to two (2) days from the date of the first phone call identifying that your device is available for pick-up. If you cannot make it to the store within this time frame, you should explore alternate arrangements with the store directly.

Who is allowed to pick up my device?

Only the individual identified on the pre-order can pick up the device. Photo identification will be required before the device is provided.

What if I purchase a device before my pre-order arrives?

As product will be made available in stores in addition to pre-orders, you may obtain a device prior to fulfillment of your pre-order. If this occurs, simply advise the store that you do not require your pre-ordered device when you're contacted for device pick-up.

What if I change my mind and want to cancel my pre-order?

You are welcome to cancel your pre-order at any time. If you're no longer interested in the pre-ordered product, simply advise the store that you do not require the device upon being contacted for pick-up.

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