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Troubleshooting MyPVR

MyPVR allows you to control your Whole Home PVR recordings over the Internet. Find answers and troubleshooting solutions for MyPVR under these categories:

Guide Issues

Where are the Parental Controls in MyPVR?

MyPVR, does not offer any parental control options. MyPVR does not offer the ability to hide an entire channel, and there are still words that are not suitable for small children.

Are there any channels that can't be accessed using MyPVR?

These channels are not accessible through MyPVR, and therefore do not appear in the Guide:

  • Local Radio channels
  • Stingray Music channels
  • Apps on TV
    e.g. 1017 My Picks, 95 Lobby Camera, TumbleBooks, Games4TV
  • Channel 1 (Bell MTS Orientation)
  • Channel 9 (What's on Bell MTS TV)
  • Pay-per-view channels (cannot record pay-per-view events using MyPVR)
Technical Issues

What Internet Browsers are compatible with MyPVR Online?

  • Mac:
    • Chrome 12+
    • Firefox 5+
    • Safari 5.0.5
  • Windows:
    • IE7+
    • Firefox 4+
    • Chrome 12+
    • Safari 5+
  • Mobile:
    • BlackBerry 6+
    • iPhone iOS4+
    • Android 2.1+
Recording Issues

What happens if I set up too many recordings at one time?

You can record up to 4 shows in HD or SD. If you try to record more than that, a conflict message will display and the recording will not be scheduled.

To resolve the problem on your own, go to Scheduled Recordings and cancel another recording that is set for the same time that you are trying to record or use the search function to choose an alternate time to record your program if one is available.

What happens if I use MyPVR to delete a recording that someone is currently watching in my home?

The viewer is different based on which set top box the recording is being watched on. If it is being watched at:

Your main TV: the recording will be deleted from your set top box . The play back is stopped and the viewer is immediately returned to the 'Recorded TV' screen.

Your secondary TVs (non-PVR set top boxes):

  • The recording is NOT erased (it remains in the 'Recorded TV' tab in MyPVR), and you will not be advised that the recording deletion has failed.
  • The recording will continue to play on the non-PVR Set Top Box, and it will remain available on the PVR set top box.
  • Once the recording has finished playing, it can then be deleted using MyPVR. (Note: you must delete it again; it will not be automatically removed).
What Internet enabled devices can access MyPVR?

The MyPVR application works on select Smartphones, tablets, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

These devices have been tested and are compatible with MyPVR Online:

  • BlackBerry 6+
  • iPhone iOS4+
  • Android 2.1+

In the event your device is not compatible with MyPVR, when you try to access the application, you will receive a message informing you that MyPVR will not work on your device.

What happens if more than one person is using MyPVR online at the same time?

If you created a shared MyPVR account, then it is possible to have more than one person logged into the same account and at the same time. Unfortunately, it is possible that you will over-write each others' requests. The MyPVR online application does not know how to prioritize requests - they all get done in the order they are received.

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