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Change TV channel packages

Change Residential TV channel packages
  • Make channel group changes in minutes.
  • See any revised costs before you submit changes.
Sign in and access TV channel change application
  1. Go to: MyAccount.
  2. Log in with your MyAccount username and password.
  3. Once logged in, click on the Change My TV Channels link.
How to make changes to your TV Channel Groups
  1. The Channel Groups and Pick-and-Pays tab allows you to customize your TV package.
  2. Add or delete channel groups by checking or unchecking the channel group box. Notice the price in the Order Details box will calculate your new monthly charge.

  3. When you're finished making changes, click on the Checkout button or the Order Details tab.
How to checkout and complete my order

The Order Details tab sets out:

  • the new monthly total and previous monthly total.
  • messages relating to your selections.
  • your order summary.

Click on the Complete My Order button to process.

How many changes can I make per day?

You can sign in and make online TV channel changes once per day, but during that session you can make as many changes as you like.

Note: some channels require 30 day subscriptions.

Find a channel

Looking for a specific channel? Visit Find a Channel for a complete listing of all TV Channels and Channel Packages available.

Change Business TV channel packages

Contact us through Chat to change your Business TV channel package.

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