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Described Video

Described Video allows access to a second stream of audio, describing non-verbal actions in a program.

Channels with Described Video
To temporarily activate Described Video
  1. Press the right arrow button on your remote control.
  2. Use the down arrow button to highlight Descriptive video, and press OK.
  3. Use the down arrow button to select DVS, and press OK.
  4. Press EXIT to return to Live TV.

Described Video will only have audio if the show has Described Video.

How to set Described Video as your Primary Audio Source

Described Video can be set as your primary audio source. Doing so will automatically switch your audio to DVS (Descriptive Audio Service) if your program is encoded with the DVS audio channel. If no DVS audio channel is present your program will use the English audio channel.

To enable DVS as your primary audio source:

  1. Press MENU on your remote control, navigate to Settings, Audio, and choose Descriptive video.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to highlight DVS (Descriptive Video Service) and press OK.
  3. Use the arrow buttons to select Save and press OK.
  4. Press EXIT to return to live TV.


Described Video can be turned on or off with a single button. You can customize the A, B, and C buttons on your Bell MTS Fibe TV Remote to turn Described Video on and off. If you require further assistance, please contact us.

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