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Change to Bell MTS Business Internet plans

As of March 1, 2020 we will be renaming our business Internet plans. This change will not impact your current service, contract or pricing. To see the new plan name for your service(s), please refer to the chart below.

Old Billing Description New Billing Description
Professional Mach 2 (No Contract, 1yr, 3yr or 5yr) Business Fibe 300 (1yr, 3yr, or 5yr) + Equipment
Professional Mach 2 (3yr or 5yr plans) 36 mnths Business Fibe 300 36M Promo
Professional Mach 2 (3yr or 5yr plans) 60 mnths Business Fibe 300 60M Promo
Professional Mach 2 Bundle Business Fibe 300 Bundle Rate
Professional NOC Mach 2 Bundled 2 Srv
Professional Mach 2 5yr 99.95
Professional NOC Mach 2 IP VPN Free Business Fibe 300 discount
HSI Business Entrepreneur Reach + Equip Business Internet 5 + Equip
Professional Reach Plan + Equip Business Internet 5 Pro + Equip
Professional Mach 1 Plan + Equip Business Fibe 50 + Equip

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