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Whole Home Wi-Fi FAQs

Why don't I see a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi band to connect to?
  • The Whole Home Wi-Fi product has advanced capabilities such as automatic band steering.
  • A single SSID (Wi-Fi network broadcast name) will be transmitted to connect to either 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz bands.
  • The technology will select the best network to connect to in order to mitigate surrounding Wi-Fi interference, improve signal strength and maximize performance.
Why do I have to re-enter my Wi-Fi credentials on all my devices?
  • Re-entering the Wi-Fi credentials ensures that you are recognized on the new Wi-Fi network and are able to take advantage of its features.
  • Some Wi-Fi network broadcast names were delineated with 5 GHz or 2 GHz at the end.
  • Your devices will not recognize the previous stored credentials as they will appear different by the change in text of the network broadcast name.
  • This is most likely to occur if you previously used a Wi-Fi extender, Home Hub 3000, or third party solution, and want to continue using the same network name and password.
Can I move my pods around my home?
  • You may move around your pods to improve Wi-Fi coverage to certain areas. For example: I want coverage in my sunroom during the summer.
  • We recommend connecting pods on inside walls in the home and within 10-20 feet from one another. This will ensure adequate pod to pod connections.
  • Once moved, pods require a minimum of 10 minutes to recalibrate their connection to the rest of the network. Allow for up to 48 hours for full optimization.
  • Do not place pods directly next to one another, as this may reduce the performance of your network.
Are there any restrictions on where and how I place my pods, or how I use them?
  • The pods are configured for low power radiative Wi-Fi, and comply with RSS-102 Industry Canada Rules for exposure limits.
  • A minimum distance of 30cm (1ft) should be maintained between a pod and any nearby persons.
  • Do not connect the pods to an extension cord, receptacle, or any other outlet unless the prongs can be fully inserted with no part of the prongs exposed.
  • Pods are strictly for indoor use. The pods are not certified for outdoor use.
  • Do not use pods near water and avoid contact with moisture.
Is there an app I can use for this?
  • Bell MTS customers do not currently have access to use the Whole Home Wi-Fi App in the Apple or Google Play stores.
  • If downloaded, the app will not work with your service.
  • This feature will be available soon and will bring new and exciting features.
Help, my Wi-Fi network isn't working!
  • Call 204 225-5687 for assistance.
How can I change my Whole Home Wi-Fi network password?
  1. Log into MyAccount or Sign up for MyAccount, if required.
  2. Click on "Manage my Whole Home Wi-Fi" in the Internet section of your MyAccount Services.
  3. Enter:
    1. Whole Home Wi-Fi network name of your choice
    2. Network password/key of your choice
    3. Network password/key again, to confirm
  4. Click update.

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