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How to use Bell MTS Wi-Fi hotspots

Why does Bell MTS use the Wi-Fi 802.11g wireless standard?

The 802.11g Wi-Fi standard is so widely accepted that it has become the industry standard for wireless networking. IEEE 802.11g is an established and mature standard. In fact, many laptop manufacturers actually include Wi-Fi cards in standard configurations.

Do I need to load software or change settings on my laptop?

There is no need to load additional software as long as you have an operating system, web browser, 802.11g (or faster) wireless card. However, you may need to adjust your hardware settings.

Can I connect to my company's network?

If your company allows remote access then you will be able to connect to the network. As an extra security measure, many companies use VPNs. The Wi-Fi Hotspot network is generally compatible with this software.

Who is responsible for Wi-Fi Hotspot maintenance at my business?

Bell MTS is responsible for maintaining the Wi-Fi Hotspot at your location. If there is a technical issue (i.e The Wi-Fi equipment or network is not working) you can call our Wi-Fi Vendor Support line at 1-866-328-7678. If you're customers are experiencing problems with their Wi-Fi account, they will be directed to call our Wi-Fi Customer Support line at 1-866-402-9434.


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