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Windows 10 Mail

  1. Click the Start button and select Mail.

    Click the start button and select mail

  2. Start the Add Account wizard depending on which screen you are on:

    • If opening Mail for the first time, a Welcome screen will appear:
      1. Click Get Started.


        Possible for accounts to be listed already (e.g. Computer associated with a Microsoft Account).

        Click get started

      2. Click Add Account.

        Click add accounts

    • If you are in the regular Mail screen, access account settings:
      1. Click the Gear symbol in the bottom left corner of the window.

        Click the gear symbol

      2. Click the Accounts option that appears on the right side of the screen.

        click the accounts option

      3. Click Add Account.

        click add account

  3. Click Advanced setup.

    Click advanced setup

  4. Click Internet email.

    Click Internet email

  5. Enter:

    1. Account name: Name displayed when viewing account list.

    2. Your name: Name to be displayed on outgoing emails.

    3. Incoming email server:

    4. Account Type: IMAP4

    5. Email Address: Your Bell MTS email address or alias (e.g.,, to be displayed on your outgoing emails.

    6. Username: Your email address (e.g.

    7. Password: Your Email password.
    8. Outgoing (SMTP) email server:
    9. Make sure all four checkboxes are checked:
      • Outgoing server requires authentication.
      • Use the same username and password for sending email.
      • Require SSL for incoming email.
      • Require SSL for outgoing email.
  6. Click Sign-in.

    Click sign-in

  7. Click Done to complete setup.

    Click Done to complete setup

Your email program will start receiving emails.

Your email program will start receiving emails


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