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Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Open Thunderbird, click the Tools menu and select Account Settings.

  2. Click the Account Actions button and select Add Mail Account to start the setup wizard.

  3. Enter:

    • Your name: Name to be displayed on your outgoing emails.
    • Email address: Your Bell MTS email address or alias (e.g.,, to be displayed on your outgoing emails.
    • Password: Your email password.
  4. Click the Continue button and Thunderbird will attempt to automatically detect the proper mail settings.

  5. If Thunderbird detects settings, click Manual Config otherwise continue to next step.

  6. Enter:

    • Incoming:
      • Select IMAP
      • Enter
      • Select 993
      • Select SSL/TLS
      • Select Normal Password
    • Outgoing:
      • Select SMTP
      • Enter
      • Select 587
      • Select STARTTLS
      • Select Normal Password
    • Username:
      • Enter your email address (e.g. in both Incoming and Outgoing fields.

  7. Click the Done button to test and save the settings.
  8. Click the OK button to close the Account Settings window.

Thunderbird will now download your emails.


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