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System Access Fee - SAF

The System Access Fee (SAF) is charged monthly by Bell MTS to help recover the costs associated with operating and maintaining a wireless network, including costs for ongoing maintenance, new equipment installations and technology upgrades. The fee is not required by or collected for the government and is used to better serve our customers.

Is Bell MTS entitled to charge the SAF?

Bell MTS is legally entitled to charge this fee pursuant to the contracts it enters with its customers. This fee is referred to in your Wireless Service Agreement which you signed at the time you activated your wireless service with Bell MTS. The charge appears on your monthly Bell MTS wireless bill as a separate charge, and is not reflected as a government fee.

Is MTS named in the class action lawsuits?

Bell MTS has been named as a defendant in the various class action claims filed across Canada, including the first one which was filed in Regina, Saskatchewan in August 2004.

What is MTS's response to the lawsuits?

Bell MTS denies that it has done anything wrong in regard to the charging of the SAF, and denies that it has improperly or illegally charged the SAF to its customers. Bell MTS is vigorously defending the claims made against it in these class action claims.

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