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Call Waiting

Call Waiting ensures that you don't miss important calls by notifying you of an incoming call while you're on the phone.

$8.95 a month


Call Waiting ensures that you don't miss important calls. Call Waiting notifies you that you have an incoming call while you're on the phone. While you're on the line, a friendly ' beep' will indicate that another party is trying to reach you. The incoming caller will hear a regular ring. By simply pressing the disconnect button (or your 'Link' or 'Flash' key) you are able to put one caller on hold while answering the second caller. Returning to caller one is as simple as pushing the disconnect button (or Link/Flash key) again.

Suppose you're calling someone long distance and you don't want to be interrupted. You can temporarily disconnect Call Waiting by pressing *70 before you dial. After you're finished the call, Call Waiting automatically returns when you hang up.

Add either Call Waiting Plus or Visual Call Waiting and you can see who is calling, too (Call Display and a compatible telephone required).


To use Call Waiting:

If you are on a call and someone else is trying to reach you:

  1. A single tone will indicate that another call is waiting.
  2. Inform caller #1 that you are putting them on hold.
  3. Press and release the receiver disconnect button (or Link or Flash) for one second. Caller #1 is now on hold.
  4. You may now talk privately to caller #2.
  5. To return to caller #1, press the receiver disconnect button.

Note: Call Waiting / Cancel Call Waiting will not work if an extension is on the line. Extension users must also hang up during all subsequent flashing (press and release of receiver disconnect button) of the switchhook.

To temporarily cancel Call Waiting:

Before you place your call:

  1. Lift the handset and enter *70 from a Touch Tone™ phone or dial 1170 from a rotary dial phone. Listen for two beeps.
  2. Listen until no tones are heard and place your call. Call Waiting will be restored when you hang up.

During a call:

  1. Press the receiver disconnect button for one second to put the call on hold.
  2. Listen for dial tone.
  3. Enter *70 from a Touch Tone phone or dial 1170 from a rotary dial phone.
  4. Call Waiting will be restored when you hang up.

Hints & Tips

  • Second callers will hear the normal ring instead of a busy signal. If Call Waiting has been temporarily turned off, second callers will hear a busy signal or, if you subscribe to it, be routed to Call Answer.
  • If you do not answer a waiting call within two rings, it will go unanswered. You can obtain the telephone number of the second call by using Call Return service. A Pay Per Use charge will apply if you do not subscribe to monthly Call Return service.
  • If you lose a call, hang up. The phone will ring and the call will be re-established.
  • If you subscribe to Call Answer, you can either interrupt your conversation with your first caller to answer the second call or let Call Answer service take the message for you.
  • Call Waiting will not work when you are on a 3-Way Calling call. The caller will receive a busy signal or be routed to Call Answer if you subscribe to it.
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