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Connectivity Services

Connect securely to Bell MTS Data Centres

Our connectivity services are designed specifically for the Bell MTS Data Centres Waverley, to maximize reliability, security and scalability. Our low latency network can support the most demanding applications hosted at Bell MTS Data Centres Waverley.

We’re proud to be Manitoba’s only full-service communications and IT provider. With the addition of Bell MTS Connectivity services, we’re proud to offer an even more comprehensive group of quality business services that keep you connected to your customers and business partners.

Scalable, reliable, survivable.

Learn more about how we can make our connectivity services at Bell MTS Data Centres Waverley facility work for you by calling your Bell MTS Account Manager or email us for more information.

Choose the service that works best for your business

Bell MTS Dedicated High Speed Internet

  • Unlimited data usage
  • Scalable speeds that grow with your business

Bell MTS LAN Service

  • Point-to-point and point to multipoint Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) Service

Bell MTS Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Service

  • Reliably transport data with IP network routing
  • Traffic is routed through the most efficient path with individual packet labels with destination and prioritization information
  • Extend the reach of your network to new locations securely and effectively

Bell MTS Wavelength Service

  • Designed with Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology
  • Reliable, high speed and low latency network
  • Supports the most demanding applications including multimedia, storage networking and multi-site data centre operations

The benefits of Bell MTS Connectivity services

Service you can depend on

With Bell MTS Wavelength and MPLS services, a dedicated team of IT professionals proactively monitor circuits 24/7 for availability, and immediately work to resolve alarms.

Customized solutions

Through consultation with an Bell MTS Account Manager, customized solutions can be designed for businesses based on service, bandwidth and latency needs.

Centrally managed

We understand that optimizing your footprint and cabinet space at the Bell MTS Data Centres Waverley facility is important. Connectivity services provided by Bell MTS are served directly from Bell MTS cabinets. No hardware will be placed in your colocation cabinet space.

Business continuity

All connectivity services include high survivability options for purchase.

Diverse path access facilities

Presence in two separate carrier meet me rooms with mirrored network elements including separate entrance, route, and path.

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