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Video on Demand

What is MTS Video On Demand

MTS Video On Demand allows you to rent movies without leaving the comfort of your couch! You'll never have to return a movie again or pay another late fee.

With Video On Demand you can watch the movies you rent as many times as you want, whenever you want, within a 24-hour rental window. You can also easily rewind, fast-forward, and pause your movies; no extra equipment needed.

Instant access to our movie library is at your fingertips with your MTS TV remote control. This library will be constantly updated with new and exciting movies and programs. Watch trailers and bonus features at your command all with your remote control.

Access to this service is free to all MTS TV customers. Charges per video rental apply and will appear on your residential telephone bill along with your other MTS TV service charges.

On Demand Services no longer available on Classic TV in 2013. Classic TV customers can call MTS at 204-225-5687 (204-CALLMTS) to make the switch to Ultimate TV today!

High Definition and On Demand Services available on Ultimate TV only.



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Concert TV Now on MTS Video On Demand

concert tv

Concert TV is an on demand music video service dedicated to delivering the most exhilarating concerts featuring the most well-known bands and artists.

With every music genre for viewers from every generation, Concert TV offers high quality live performances from your favourite music groups and artists from the past to the present, letting you live and re-live classic concert moments.

See the full selection of concerts on MTS Video On Demand under Free Stuff & More